Pricing, Slicing & Ordering Information

Minimum cake order is $120,
which is the starting price for a single tier cake
that will feed 16+.

2 tier cakes start at $150 (18+ Servings)

3-D carved cakes are $175+

Regular sized cupcakes with minimal decoration are $30/doz.

Cupcakes with edible images and/or fondant decorations start at $40/doz.

*Cupcakes are not subject to minimum order and are sold in increments of 6.
-All basic round and square cakes are 2 layers with filling, and are a minimum of 4" high.
*Carved and shaped cakes may or may not contain filling
Reserve your date at anytime. Bookings are on a first come first served basis.

Final details and full payment are due one week prior to pickup.
*All cakes are pickup only, at 29 Queen St. in Wabigoon*
*Large wedding cakes are eligible for delivery to Dryden venues. Extra fees will apply.
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First, if the cake is tiered, disassemble the entire cake.
Start cutting the largest tier first.
Cut a 2" strip of cake.
Gently lay the 2" strip on it's side.
The easy part.... just begin cutting the 2" strip into 1" pieces.
How to cut your cake
*Please arrive on time for your cake pickup. If you are very early, or late for your allotted time, I cannot guarantee I will be home.
Picking up your cake:
Your cake will most likely be in a box, unless it's a large, odd shape. (The cake will be just fine without one.)
It's probably a good idea to leave your dog at home for this trip.
Have a flat spot in your vehicle ready. Seats are not flat. You should clean your vehicle so that it is free of items that could roll or slide onto the cake. Cakes are fragile. Please drive carefully and slowly.
I cannot be responsible for a cake once it has been picked up.
Also, make sure your vehicle's heater isn't blowing on it, or if it's summer, turn on your A/C.
Payment Policy
All cakes MUST be paid in full at least one week prior to the pickup date, and will be non-refundable at that point.
*Please note that orders that are not paid one week prior are subject to cancellation.

Email Money Transfer is preferred. I also accept PayPal and cash payments. I do not accept personal cheques.

Invoices and reciepts will be issued only upon request.
*There is no sales tax on whole cakes, or cupcakes packaged 6 or more, in Ontario.
Pricing, Slicing, & Ordering
*use a clean, damp cloth to clean the blade of your knife between each cut.