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All cakes are filled with my signature vanilla bean buttercream unless otherwise specified. I choose not to use whipped cream, custard, fruit, etc. as these fillings may not hold up well under heavy decorations, and may cause the cake to shift, slide, or settle in transit, or in warm weather.
Cotton candy sugar makes the inside of this cake a fun colour, and gives a subtle vanilla flavour. Perfect for kids parties and baby showers.
This is a classic wedding cake flavour. The almond is only a subtle undertone. If you're looking for a white cake, I would definately recommend that you try this one.
Hand-grated carrots and just the right amount of spices are in this moist, classic carrot cake filled with cream cheese frosting made with fresh cream cheese and real butter.
This is the heirloom recipe that my local cake lady used for my own wedding cake over 20 years ago. I've often heard people comment that it's the BEST carrot cake they have ever had.
*These flavour choices will add $10+ to your cake total.
Also available:

Tuxedo -
 One layer of Chocolate and one layer of Vanilla. 2 flavours in one slice.
Rainbow Dot -
Vanilla cake with giant rainbow (or colour of your choice) dots throughout.

Solid Rainbow - Vanilla cake

Zebra/Tiger - Vanilla cake
Food Allergy Disclaimer:
Custom Made Cakes -By Cheryl is NOT an allergy free kitchen. I cannot guarantee that my products are free from any ingredients that may affect certain food allergies. This includes milk and dairy, soy, peanuts, treenuts, eggs and wheat/gluten.
Chocolate and Vanilla. My most requested flavours by far.
*ALWAYS made using PURE Vanilla Extract. No artificial colours or flavouring.
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